Taking Stock feature is a fun Bonnie & Clyde inspired comedy drama. Out of work actress/shop assistant is made redundant and takes matters into her own hands.

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Sub-ti International short film competition 2011 Winner

For Sub-ti Venice FIlm Festival 2011 press release announcing Maeve as the winner for Sushi, click here.

Taking Stock teaser (Sushi), along with 3 other shorts, opened the 2012 London Independent Film Festival, screened at the US Garden State Film Festival 2012 and showed at the 2012 Cannes Short Corner.

"I much preferred Murphy's short film SUSHI, the tasty appetiser."
Mark Kermode - The Observer 7th February 2016

Sushi 35 second short - extract from Taking Stock feature

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Click here for a clip from the extended Sushi (Taking Stock short)